Fee Schedule

SekiNdo doesn’t charge its customers for any of its services. Nevertheless, we charge our advertisers with $1 for defining a new credit card, or modifying an existing one, due to security reasons.

Advertisers’ payments

SekiNdo accepts payments with Credit/Debit cards of the following providers: Visa, Master Card and American Express. We charge our advertisers once in a while, according to each advertiser’s credit and seniority in our network.

Advertisers can view the details of their current outstanding payments and their payments history in their Billing page on SekiNdo.

Payments to our publishers

We charge advertisers and send publishers their advertising revenues. SekiNdo pays publishers with cheques or wire transfers, according to the publisher’s choice. Payments to our publishers will be given in either US Dollar currency, or a different currency, based on the relevant US Dollar rate on the payment date. The payments are on a net 30 basis. In the middle of each month, we close the billing period of the previous month and a mail, with all the required information, is sent to each publisher which has reached the appropriate credit.

The publisher should send the appropriate tax invoice not late than the 5th of the following month, while the invoice date has to be on the same month in which it was sent. When receiving the invoice, we will send the payment based on a net 30 basis. In case that either the invoice date is later than the relevant month, or the invoice was received after the 5th of the following month, the payment will be transferred accordingly, on a net 30 basis.

Prices in the website don’t include VAT.

It is the sole responsibility of the publisher, who makes revenues with our ad network, to report on this income to the tax authorities. You hereby agree and acknowledge that SekiNdo is not and will not be a party to any dispute arising between you and the tax authorites. SekiNdo reports to the tax authorities on each payment given to a publisher as well as on this publisher’s identity.

Publishers can see the details of their current credits and their income history in their Billing page on SekiNdo.

Payments for less than $50 will not be transferred. In case a publisher did not reach $50 of revenues in one payment period (one month), the revenues will be passed to the next payment period until the publisher reaches $50 of revenues.

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